Improve ROM & psychosomatic relaxation.

Massage therapy fits the needs of your body.

Therapeutic Massage

To restore range of motion and release tension from the body.

Musculoskeletal therapy that focuses on restoring the muscle optimal function,
release muscles knots, improve flexibility and articular ROM.

Techniques selected depending on each individual situation, based on an

Sports Massage

Sports massage gives benefits as a pre-sport or post-sport treatment.
Techniques used are designed for intensive muscle therapy; dynamic pre-sport or
post-sport muscle recovery.
Ideally used to prevent injury, it can also be used to help the body to recover from trauma.

Combining deep-tissue treatment and stretching has been proven to assist
athletic performance, release build up of lactic acid, reduce chance of injury and aid recovery from activity. Ongoing maintenance treatments can improve athletic function, activity and performance as part of a training programme.

Holistic Massage

A full body massage combining Tui-na, Shiatsu, and reflexology techniques,
resulting in a feeling of fantastic relaxation, thanks also to the use of warm
biological oils.

A combination of oriental and ocidental techniques, ideal to release tension, and balance the energetic flux through the meridians, improve blood and lymphatic
circulation, balance the organs.

Relaxation Massage

Applying slow and deep pressure movements of Effleurage and Pétrissage, that
have soothing effect, releasing muscle tension and providing physical and
emotional well-being, reducing stress.

Essential oils may be used to awaken the senses, providing an experience of deep relaxation for body, mind and soul.

Special Cases

In the case of recent accident or injury, it is advised that you obtain professional medical diagnosis and approval before seeking any treatment.

Hasta Elements reserve the right to refer the following conditions for professional medical advice and refrain from administering treatment: Pregnancy, Cancer or Chronic disease, incl. Autoimunes, Heart disease, Blood clot or Stroke history, Pre risk factors.

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