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Balance between structure & function.


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Improve ROM & Psychosomatic relaxation.

Massages:Neuromuscular RelaxationTherapeuticSportsHolistic

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Flow your Motion with Hasta Elements therapies

We care about:

  • Personally selecting a range of products: Homeopathic Ointments, Natural Balms, Essential Oils.
  • Developing an understanding of the individual situation of each person.
  • Searching for effective treatment, tools and techniques for people’s individual needs, in order to make recommendations for healthy practices.
  • Providing coaching support to those who are proactive and have interest in working towards a healthier lifestyle.

Ângela Carrão

Professional & LicencedOsteopath andMassoTherapist

• Osteopath
License in Osteopathy nº 0100405
Issued by ACSS Ministry of Health
• Massotherapist
License in Massotherapy nº 715.15
Issued by Federative Council

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as well as about you

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Clínica Vicentina
Sítio das Eiras
Edifício da Santa Casa da Misericórdia
8650-405 Vila do Bispo
Algarve Portugal

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