Setting up the Amado Beach Hut for drop-in massages was my first project, in 2011, as a freelance Massotherapist.
So is the sweetest place for me – I always look forward to repeating the summer working here every time it becomes possible.

Was In 2014, when I return to open the Amado Beach Hut, and by then Hasta Elements was already founded and fully shaped, was already literally my baby by then.

It was a big excitement to go back to Amado, and bring Hasta Elements for the first time, of a journey that continued until today.

It became a very engagement project, were all the details including the hut itself, were manufactured by me and my soul partner.

Is the Ideal location to me, to give and receive from nature.

On front beach massage, adding an extra relaxation to your mind and body or for sports receiving intensive muscle therapy before or after surfing!

I look forward to meet you there,

Ângela Carrão