Treatments available at Retreats
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What is LAP (Life Awareness Project)?

“The Life Awareness Program offers the techniques to start taking control over our lives and our destiny. Practices as yoga, Qigong, mindfulness and meditation can deeply change your state of being and life. This is a program created to inspire and guide people in developing a content, healthy and connected life. This site is to help you exercise clear consciousness, focus and liberation from negative states of mind to live a full and conscious life.
In 10 weeks you can change your life, you can change your habit patterns in your actions, your thoughts and emotions. As we will see in this program, with your thoughts and emotions you create a great part of your reality. So learn how to use your mind and to become aware of your great reality creating power and you can take control over your destiny.”

Life Awareness Project retreats are hosted by/at Meka Yoga Retreats.