Inspired by ancient knowledge and the most updatedscience studies, a healthy lifestyle, the sea, the outdoor sports,and the amazing wild nature...

Since the first day, Hasta Elements follows a motto: "Flow your motion".And we use it literally on all matters through work dynamism, mobility andflexibility at dozens of locations, events and retreats. Each therapy massage is personalised because everyone is unique.It all started in 2011, by building the Amado beach hut by my own hands and with the help of my friends, a dream came true.

My approach / I care about

Personally selecting my range of products
Homeopathic Ointments, Natural Balms, Essential Oils

Developing an understanding of the individual situation of
each person
Searching for effective treatment, tools and techniques for people’s individual needs, in order to make recommendations for healthy pratctices: providing coaching support to those who are proactive and have interest in working towards a healthier lifestyle.

Using this whole approach to treating
Means I focus on fully understanding the individual situation of every person.
From wich I can recommend exercises to use as prevention and offer advice on additional therapies that can benefit the individual.

I believe that taking the time to recognize a problem is the first step well-being, and that guiding people to find practices (for example: teaching people to treat inflammatory spikes, but also offering postural education to correct problems that lead to pain) and to improve the range of motion leads to a better quality of life, by recovering and strenghtening, rather than just treating the symptoms.

My Qualifications & Techniques

I use osteopathic techniques alongside massotherapy,
And provide knowledge about communicaattion of the body system ans metabolism, wich is something I am fascinated by, always looking for new ways of preventing body dysfunctions and injury, and totally embrace every way to increase my knowledge.
Undertaking the Osteopathy degree* and attending seminars about osteopathic and other techniques for different problems, pathologies and injuries.

Qualifications Massotherapy
* For osteopathic techniques. Therapeutic massage techniques, sports, lymphatic drainage, psychosomatic relaxation, shiatsu, Thai-yoga, TUI-NA, reflexology, shantala for babies).

Qualififications Ostheopathie
* (Structural osteopathy (Muscle Energy Technic “MET” and Myotensive), visceral osteopathy, Craniosacral therapy, myofascial massage).

Myotensive), visceral osteopathy. Craniosacral therapy, myofascial massage).

*MASTER science lab (Porto) – Osteopathic treatment seminars and other methods for the various different injuries / Pathologies

Acumed (Toronto – Porto) – Method and instrumental seminars.


Balance between structure & function.


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Improve ROM & Psychosomatic relaxation.

Massages:Neuromuscular RelaxationTherapeuticSportsHolistic

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