The I Love the Seaside Surf & Travel Guide to SW Europe is not only about surfing, but about all the best things to do and see in each of the coastal spots that are included in the guide.

The writer and her team travelled all the way from Brittany, in France, across the top of Spain and down the west coast of Portugal, then to Andalusia.

In that time they went to see many accommodations, activities and services, to get a feeling for the places that were really made and run with love.

Hasta Elements was chosen to be in the guide for osteopathy and massage treatments, so is listed in Vila do Bispo, Clinica Vicentina for osteopathy and massage treatments, and also listed in Carrapateira, Amado Beach Hut only for massage treatments.

I am glad to see such an authentic, inspiring and beautiful guide. It combines the guidance thru the incredible wild nature, with recommendations of authentic services of the local community and some of the stories of they soul projects. I believe it is a guide, that is ready help everyone, to find the atmosfere they wishing and looking for, during the journey.

Since it was partially developed in the place I call it “home”, which I love every single day to live in. When I look at it, it looks very special to me! I can find friends in the guide, places that I use to walk, and passions I also have.

I feel gratitude for being invited with Hasta Elements which is my soul project, to be part of such a special guide which approaches values ​​and the meaning authentic quality.

If you want to learn more about the travel guide you can check it out on their website: or follow the facebook page:

To the seaside, and to good health,
Ângela Carrão