Visceral osteopathy - FINET and WILLIAME method

Duration: 80h (2 blocks of 4 days)
Dates: from 17/10/019 to 20/10/019 and from 24/10/019 to 27/10/019

Location: Algarve private hospital (HPA – Alvor)

Lecturer / International instructor: Massimo Lombardozzi D.O.

International Certificate by FINET and WILLIAME

Languages: Portuguese and English

Target audience: osteopaths and osteopathy students

Authors of the method and FINET WILLIAME osteopathy teaching team

All those who follow the work of professor Massimo Lombardozzi, like me, are waiting for the schedule of his training in Portugal, but since 2017 that has not happened. So for the agenda of 2019 , Hasta Elements decided to invite him to Portugal.

We are blessed to receive the professor, with the seminar of Visceral Osteopathy – Finet and Williame Method and experience it in its new format. Exclusively to this seminar, we will have the support of an ultrasound to visualize the visceral mobility before and after the techniques.

It was possible to collect all the necessary conditions in order to provide to this seminar, the lowest cost worldwide.

In Portugal !!!

Learn to treat complaints of the digestive tract from changes in visceral mobility.
Understand why visceral dysfunctions can cause mechanical pain or even problems in the cranial sphere and learn how to solve them.
The only method of visceral osteopathic treatment based on evidence proven by radiographic and ultrasound examinations.

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