Hasta Elements Social Therapeutic Program is being held from 2012 at Clinica Vicentina.

In my opinion, and generally speaking, musculoskeletal and neuro-muscular problems must be properly valued and most efficiently conducted. Unfortunately the non-conventional therapies are still not reimbursed, causing many people to lose the necessary support to solve their issues, while most of them do not have the financial means to cover the costs of treatment that require continuity.

Therefore, I decided to find a way to help people who would benefit from it, but are unable to cover the cost of “unconventional therapies” that are not yet available through the national health system.

The social program began by having 10 free session monthly vouchers for people unable to afford the costs of therapies and a reduced price list. Currently the rate card is kept low for all residents of the county / as it is a seasonal year zone and many of the people actually have financial difficulties.

Link http://www.clinicavicentina.com

Hasta Elements